Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lend an Ear

Freckles:  I understand that Robyn didn't really offer me her eyes the other day. I was just a little confused. People do that to me sometimes.

Deb:  Yes, the English language can sometimes be very confusing.

Freckles:  So, what about when somebody says, "Lend me an ear?" How can you lend someone your ear? My ears are both attached tightly to my head and even if I loaned one to you, it would never fit. Does that mean I should just loan my ears to other bunnies and you should loan yours to people? And, if so, how long before they have to give them back? Can I charge interest? What if they run off with them? Are there collection agencies for ears?

Deb: Oh, Freckles. "Lend me an ear" means that someone wants you to listen to them. That's all.

Freckles:  Well, why don't they just say that then. Brother, what a strange language you speak!

Deb:  I know. Just hold onto your ears. You twirl and twist them around so beautifully!

Freckles:  Yes, I do, don't I?


Lisa said...

You don't have to share your pretty little ears w anyone!

Simone said...

Freckles, you are right. There are so many things about our Mamas and other people that make no sense. Hrmph!

Jen Rombach said...

New fan of Freckles!!!

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh freckles, you've got such lovely ears, I'd love to borrow them if I could.....

Deb Shucka said...

I would borrow your beautiful ears any day - if it were only possible.