Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Blog!

Deb won't shut up about her new blog! She just goes on and on and on about it when she should be feeding me and giving me nose rubs. 
She set it up to organize her writing websites and resources. The original plan was to keep it a private blog, one she could categorize the sites she visits and keep her informed of the blog updates. But, then she was so pleased with how it came out that she made it public and announced it to a few people. Now, she's spending far too much time on the computer adding to and organizing Writer Sites!
Here's some of the stuff she's put there:

  • Writing Websites (with information about writing)
  • Writing Resources (like dictionaries, character generators, databases, lists, videos, etc.)
  • Ezines, Magazines, & Stories
  • Publisher Websites (mostly of publishers who are accepting submissions of children's materials)
  • Writing Blogs (people who write about writing)
  • Author Blogs
  • Illustrator Blogs
  • Publisher Blogs
  • Agent Blogs
  • Editor Blogs
  • Book Blogs (book reviews and information about books)
  • Author & Illustrator Websites
  • And a For Fun section (usually related to words or writing, however the Squirrelizer and Kitten War are there also!)

So, please go visit the site and click that little "Follow" button she's got set up. Then, she'll think she'll have lots of friends. (Oh, and don't forget to click the "Follow" button on this blog  -- it's over there on the right -- so she doesn't forget that she has a responsibility to me and all of my friends right here!)


Crafty Green Poet said...

That looks like a great sute, very useful! Oh Freckles, don't feel abandoned.....

The Meezers said...

oh no, her ferst pri-or-a-tee is to YOU!

bunnygirl said...

This is neglect, Freckles, pure and simple.

Deb Shucka said...

Poor, neglected Freckles.

I love your new writing site, Deb. A lot.

Hef's Mom said...

As protest I shan't even look at it until tomorrow.

Fez and the Gang said...

Poor Freckles! Deb, what are you thinking!?