Monday, January 12, 2009

What Did Freckles Do? (Day 3)

Sorry, folks, Deb's been a bit under the weather and didn't get any more questions posted in a timely manner! But, she is better now, so here is question number 3!

At the beginning of last year, Freckles braved the Unexplored Territory (the area that Deb calls the Kitchen/Dining Room). She took refuge under a tree to check everything out. Suddenly, a terrible monster bellowed and Freckles quickly discovered another portal leading away from the Territory. She considered whether she should venture even farther from her Home Place.

Question: What Did Freckles Do? Did she go through the strange new portal or did she turn around and head for home?

Bonus Question: Who made the strange bellowing sound?

The answer to both questions will be found in the comment section!


FrecklesandDeb said...

Answer to Question 3: From Freckles’ post of February 5, 2008: "Glancing quickly in all directions, I shot out from under the tree and found myself standing in front of another portal! I could see this was the entrance to another Unexplored Territory! Should I travel this far from my Home Place? Did I really have a choice? Before the bellowing could begin again, I jumped through the entrance into the new land."

Answer to the Bonus Question: The food blender made the bellowing sound!

Rabbits' Guy said...

OH fer 2 on that one ... not a very good memory!!!

Under the weather .. holy smoke ... even the Weather has been under the weather for several weeks ... come on sun!

PJ said...

Dear Freckles and Deb,
We were under the weather for a month ourselves and know that posting everyday can be difficult under the circbunstances. We hope Deb feels better soon.
PJ, Ranger Dog, and the 2 G-Kitties

Deb Shucka said...

So glad you're feeling even a little better. Has Freckles been taking good care of you?

The Meezers said...

we hopes you're feeling better MomDeb!!!

we gotted the ferst question right but forgotted the answer to the bonus question

CrazyBunnyLady said...

Hope Deb feels better soon.